Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching
and the Values at Heart and Soul Works

What do life coaches do?
We help clients to set better goals, improve performance in selected areas, increase self awareness, transition and move forward, strengthen relationships, develop successful strategies, improve the quality of life, experience success in selected areas, build proficiencies, improve communication patterns, and be more creative from the inside out.
What do I look for in a coach?

Sit with yourself for awhile.  Consider what you are wanting to do and what types of challenges you are facing.  Reflect on the area of life and/or work that you are wanting to improve or change.  Choose a coach whose life experience and training are a good fit for your needs and interests.  CoachVille, whose mission is improving the quality of coaching worldwide, has an extensive list of coaches and their areas of expertise. 

Visit the CoachVille web site and check out "Find a Coach".  Also helpful are:

How does coaching work?
Generally the coaching relationship is developed via weekly phone sessions with your coach.  A coaching session typically lasts 45 minutes and is focused on your current goals and needs.  Since coaches are free to choose their format, it is wise to ask about the number of sessions per month and the length of each session.
How long do you typically work with your clients?
Each client's situation is viewed as unique.  The amount of time involved depends upon the goals and challenges selected by the client.  At the outset it is possible to estimate the amount of time that will be needed.  In my coaching practice I choose to coach four times per month with 45 minute sessions.  Sessions are scheduled at appointed times and the coaching relationship typically calls for an investment of at least two months.

Ultimately, as a coach, I am looking to work myself out of a job.

Do you offer a complementary introductory session?
Yes.  I like to think of this session as a gift given and received.  Experience tells me it is important to interview prospective coaches to get a feel for whether you can work effectively with them.  When you complete a coaching call, it is important to feel that you really "connected " with the coach.
What type of fees do you charge for coaching?
My fee is $400 per month for four sessions paid in advance on a monthly basis.  Should a special session be needed during a particular month, there is no additional charge for this session.

For additional coaching information, you may contact Catherine Mich by e-mail at
If you would like a return call, please include your name and the best phone number.

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