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Heart and Soul Works

Heart and Soul Works

Heart and Soul Works

Just as does the natural world,
the lives of each of us also have seasons.  Learning to embrace these changes and to perceive and enjoy the unique and beautiful characteristics of each one is the essence of living life to the fullest.

To achieve this perspective enables one to absorb the present with delight, look forward
with eager anticipation and look backward
with satisfaction and no regrets.

Our life's journey is about relating our gift
to the people, events and work projects
that destiny puts in our path.

Being true to who we are and living in contact
with our creative innards supports wholeness
and soul nutrition for all of our days.

You may be saying "Right, but how do I do it?"

During the past ten years my experience
and observations of this process
have been many.

Heart and Soul Works

Here are some clues about the process
and how to "jump start" it:

Heart and Soul Works

Actively work at slowing down the pace
at which you live.  Trust me, this is possible
and desirable.

Consistently set aside a daily "quiet time"
which is viewed as essential and nonnegotiable.
Be good to yourself.

Gradually identify creative expressions that feel comfortable for you.

Be fearless about experimenting with activities that come to mind.

Keep a journal.

on your need
to control others
in your life.
 Work with yourself
on gradually
letting go
of control.
It is, after all,
an illusion.

Trust yourself first.


Support and
nurture your body
with a healthy diet
and reasonable exercise.


Actively encourage
the growth of your
intuitive self.

We all have
an intuitive side.
Let it grow
by trusting it.

Heart and Soul Works

Heart and Soul Works

Make friends with
the world of nature.

We are intimately
connected to that world
and contact with it is nurturing
at more levels than we know.

All preceding excerpts are from
Be the Artist of Your Own Life's Work
by Catherine Mich

Catherine Mich
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Heart and Soul Works

Heart and Soul Works

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